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Nicholas playing the trumpet for Easter Vigil
Marc & Eulindra get married!!!
Happy carolers!!!!
GII Anniversary Cake!!! Yummy

2010: A New Year! A New Beginning!

Welcome to GII (pronounced G-two)'s website!!!
We are a Catholic youth choir from the Church of the Holy Family, Katong, Singapore.
Interested in joining us?
Want to find out more?
Contact us! @ genesis2choir@gmail.com

2010 Updates!

GII Blog - we have relocated!

Priscilla's article on Pentecost and Melissa's on Corpus Christi are up on the NEW g2 blog @ http://genesis2choir.wordpress.com/

Fr Valerian on 4 year overseas studies

Valerian is currently in Rome to studying sacred scripture at a Jesuit academy for 4 years
Keep him in your prayers!

GII Recruitment 2009

We are recruiting! And we are looking for:
Musicians - piano, organ, violin, flute etc
Singers - all who have a love for singing
You are welcome to join us! Join with your friends!

Contact us at:
Email: genesis2choir@gmail.com
or look for us at the choir pews after the Sat 6pm mass

GII 2008 Montage
Click on the picture for a larger version! =)

May 2009 Updates!

GII Recruitment [ongoing] - songs: Empower Me, Make us your own
Ascension 21 May 09 (Thu) - 6.15pm mass
Pentecost Hymns - Come, Holy Spirit we need you; Empower Me, Holy Spirit Come
GII Olympics 14 June 09 (Sun) - East Coast Park followed by BBQ @ Clara's place

Attention all Genesians:
Holy Week 2009 Schedule
Holy Thursday Chrism Mass 1030am SVDP Church
Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper 7pm, prac 6.30pm
Holy Thursday Lenten Vigil 10.30pm, prac 9pm
Good Friday Service 3pm, prac 1.30pm
Holy Saturday Easter Vigil 8pm, prac 6pm
Octave of Easter Weekdays 6.15pm masses, come, sing and celebrate the Octave!
Divine Mercy Sunday 19 Apr 09 Legion of Mary Anniversary Mass 2pm

Lenten Vigil
Easter 2009 Programme

Here am I, did I hear You call my name
Here am I, as You will
Speak my God, I am ready to begin
Here I am, I come to follow you

Chris' new song, To Follow You, found on GIA Music

Thank you GII, for your great enthusiasm, initiative and support esp during this hectic season of Lent.
From newly minted Genesians to the most senior singers, we have seen superb attendances for combined choir (15-20), for after mass practice (25-30), and more importantly in your prayerfulness and reverance for the Eucharist, your passion for singing.

We praise and thank God for the AGM we had on 28 Feb 09 and we also welcome Wendy, a flutist, and Boni to the choir!
Among the upcoming plans for the year are our Lenten Vigil on Holy Thursday, GII Camp, ongoing vocal improvement and much more. Hope to see even more Genesians coming forth to commit their time and talents!

12 Mar 2009 updates

It was truly an amazing weekend.
After celebrating mass together, we had a very productive [and eye opening] practice - for Lent and for Lenten Vigil. After praying a decade of Hail Marys and singing the Salve Regina, we had practice, covering the following songs:
I know that my redeemer lives - parts
Beyond the days - new song
Hold us Jesus
Holy Darkness
In the Lord I'll be ever thankful
Wait for the Lord
Jesus remember me
Adoramus te O Christe
Come now O word of God
Take up your cross

The night ended off with a nice meal together at Sin Hoi Sai

On Sunday, it was good to see Genesians keeping fit with a morning run to ECP, followed by ultimate frisbee.

We will be singing for the holy hour of 10 to 11pm on Maundy Thursday - 09 Apr 2009 - our GII Lenten Vigil tradition still strong.
Practices are ongoing every Sat and we will have one full rehearsal in church in upcoming weeks - with our guitarist, flutist and violinist.
Genesians - active members and alumni alike - are strongly encouraged to come, learn the hymns and sing together as a community that serves the greater community.

This month we also wish Happy Birthday to
Melissa Lim
Darren Spruyt
Bryan Chang
Dominic Wong
Chris Raj
Winnie Goh
Priscilla Ng

Attention all Genesians:
GII Annual General Meeting
28 Feb 2009 (Sat) 7.30pm @ 3 Sea Ave AVA Room

With every new year comes change and we would like to just warmly welcome to GII our new members!
Veronica, Samantha, Jonas, Jefferson, Lisabeth, Janice, Caryn, Melody, Ryan, Melissa, Jennifer, Kathleen, Andrea, Adrienne, David

And we wish Godspeed and blessings for those Genesians venturing overseas for studies/attachments etc:
Jonathan, Jeremy, Jasmine, Joanna, David, Elizabeth, Deborah, Nicholas, Jennifer, Julian, Amanda, Shannon, Alvin, Ignatius

Lent 2009 Programme
Lenten Vigil
Easter 2009 Programme

Updates 16 Apr 2008

We celebrated a great mass together last Sat and covered a good number of songs for after mass practice (Worthy is the Lamb, He will carry you, We welcome, Thank you Lord, the Potter's Hand etc). Here are some updates for the week:

We also welcome Jesse James Jalleh and Fiona Pang to GII! Welcome to the GII family! ;)

Do take note of the upcoming GII events (alumni are warmly welcome!):
GII Concert Practice 16 Apr (Wed) 7.30pm Choir room
GII before mass practice 19 Apr (Sat) 4.30pm Choir room
GII after mass practice 19 Apr (Sat) 7.45pm Choir room
GII Sports Sunday 20 Apr (Sun) 1pm East Coast Park field opposite VJC (soccer, frisbee, touch rugby etc, bring your pets and dinner @ Lagoon Hawker Centre)

The GII website reveals a teaser for an upcoming article. Guess who's time table is this -

"Monday end at 5 eat dinner, do tutorial then sleep.

Tuesday end at 5 eat dinner, go to church, YFP, then try to do as much tutorials.

Wednesday end at 5/6pm eat dinner, do tutorials then sleep.

Thursday end at 4/5pm eat dinner, do tutorials.

Friday same as Wednesday. Rejoice at the end of the lecture. The whole week was so tired, stoned, waiting for time to pass. Bell rang! I was like "weekend!!!"

Saturday finish up my tutorials.

Sunday come for Con class. Organ classes might be in morning or afternoon. Rush after church. After organ prac, I'll just slack."

GII Photo Memories on facebook :)
GII 21st Anniversary 2004 - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=106348&l=dfd2c&id=784540133
GII X'mas 2007 - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=106345&l=43306&id=784540133
Check them out!

Easter 2008

Alleluia Christ is Risen!!! Happy Easter to every Genesian! Each and everyone of you reading this email is a beloved one of God and this Easter we are reminded again of our belovedness in His eyes; our chosenness.

We give thanks for a beautiful Holy Week and Easter Triduum for the choir and the parish. From combined choir practices and masses, to our own Lenten Vigil and Good Friday service, Genesians put in their time and effort to make a joyful noise for our God. Your very presence and immense support are a sign and witness to the simple message of our Easter season = "Christ is Risen!"

Priscilla Ng, Dione, Sandrine, Eunice, Joanne, Marilyn, Woei Lin, Daphne, Joanna, Andrea, Samantha, Melina, Anthony, Shaun, Bryan, Matthew, Darren Zeng, Danny, Jonathan, Paul, Gerald, Dominic Setiawan, Dominic Ng, Jared, Darryl, Duane, Kenneth - We praise and thank God for your joyful and humble singing at the Mass of the Lord's Supper, Lenten Vigil, Good Friday and Easter Vigil.

We are deeply blessed and thankful for Melvin, Winnie and Noel for their leadership of the combined choir, and of our own services. Through your tireless planning and patient conducting, we and the other choirs had a meaningful and blessed experience this year! Much more than previous years.

From all the nitty-gritties of Holy Week, song choices, coordination and execution while having to miss Easter Vigil, Melvin (also Lit Com vice-chair) really ensured and supported and encouraged everyone. Winnie, being one of the main conductors, guided us through the hymns and brought out our soulful singing. All this while also planning our own Lenten Vigil on Maundy Thursday, which was a touching and meaningful vigil. Noel was inspired to compose 3 psalms for Holy Week (2 with ensemble parts) and gave his all for the various services where he played.

We also thank God for the many GII alumni who came to support us at Lenten Vigil Christina, Fabian, Anthony (& Sing Wah), Jason, Rachel, Marissa, to name a few.

While we celebrate our great season of Easter, let us also keep in our prayers the intentions of Boggs (Rodelio) and his family in the Philippines. Boggs' mother recently passed away and he had to return home over Holy Week to see to her funeral and other matters.

Let us really keep Boggs and all other Genesians who are overseas or far from home in our prayers.

For Genesians in the SAF who have just completed their BMT Christopher Raj, Kenneth (SISPEC) and Marcus (Biochem Combat Engineer Seletar Camp). May God guide and protect them as they begin their training.

For Genesians who have new members in their families! We thank God for the gift of newborns (and future singers) - Avelyn to Marc & Eulindra; and Kai to Desri & Kenneth!

For the many Genesians who have contributed designs for our 25th Anniversary t-shirt and jacket we thank God for their creative gift and dedication Dominic Setiawan, Juliana Sankaran, Pamela Wettasinghe and Elden Low.

We also welcome Danny into GII this Easter.

Early 2008

GII Lenten Vigil 2008 - Come spend some time in prayer and adoration with our Lord on Maundy Thursday 20 Mar 2008 (Thu) from 10 to 11pm in Holy Family Church.

Hearts on Fire Rally 2008 - Julian shares with us his experience at Hearts On Fire Rally, held on 03 Feb at CJC.

Our 2nd Holy Family Youth Mass on 15 Dec (Sat) 6pm - http://youthmass.blogspot.com/ - check out Stacy's poster design below!

The GII blog! Come sign up as bloggers! - http://genesisii.blogspot.com/

The new Holy Family Youth website - YOUhf - http://youhf.wordpress.com/

GII on facebook! - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2464946151

Holy Family Youth Mass

Our enthusiasm and excitement after October's youth mass inspired the leaders of the various youth groups to come together and plan regular youth masses - to reinvigorate and renew our parish!

The upcoming youth mass will be on 15 Dec 2007 (Sat) 6pm, in thanksgiving for the year and celebrating our community!

GII 2007 Caroling

Take note!!! Our planned caroling gigs thus far
1. 16 Dec 2007 (Sun) 1pm - Caroling with the Kids with Special Needs - @ Holy Fam
2. 30 Dec 2007 (Sun) morning - Caroling for our parishioners - @ Holy Fam
and Watch out!!! for Weekday and Sat practices to come

We had a very good practice on Sat 10 Nov 07 and we sure hope more of you can make it for future caroling practices.

We covered:
1. Silver Bells
2. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
3. Silent Night, Holy Night
4. The Christmas Song
5. To be your bread
(for mass)

And as usual, there were people happily singing Ding Dong Merrily on High (Marilyn is High) downstairs outside Fathers' house even after practice.

2007 Music - Chris De Silva's Concerts

We thank God for the nearly 2000 people who came for Chris' concerts at Holy Family (900), St Mary's (800) and St Teresa's Church (200). His concert - ONE LOVE. ONE SONG - a concert of inspired music. Final week of CD selling at Holy Family this weekend of 01/02 Sep 2007. Details here @ Chris Concert.
For other info and to learn our mass settings go to the Music page!

World Youth Day Sydney 2008

Receive the Power...as hundreds of thousands of young people from all around the world gather to celebrate the XXIII World Youth Day. Receive the Power will be their anthem!
GII registered pilgrims: Darren, Jonathan Chia, Dominc Wong, Andrea and Desiree (as of 13 Aug 07)
WYD2008 page

Latest - GII recordings from Alive and Christmas!
Listen to our favourite music and composers!

Holy Week 2007 and other updates

Holy week promises to be full of events and emotions. Keep your days free from thursday onwards; keep your heart and minds alert to the rich teaching of the liturgies of holy thursday, good friday, easter vigil and easter sunday. and keep your tummies free for a great easter sunday lunch together as choir.

1. Chrism Mass Holy Thursday 05 Apr 10.30am
All the priests of S'pore will converge on Holy Family to renew their priesthood and to bless the holy oils (of chrism, of the catechumens, and of the sick). Do come if you can make it.
Combined choir is to be in church at 9am.

2. Mass of the Lord's Supper Holy Thursday 05 Apr 6.30pm
Where Fr Pat will wash, as Jesus did, the feet of 12 of our parishioners.
Come and sing with the choir; be seated at 6.15pm

3. GII's Lenten Vigil Holy Thursday 05 Apr 10pm in Church
Come, spend an hour in prayer, reflection and song with Jesus.
Songs include: Via Dolorosa, Willingly, Above All, The Prodigal Son, He will carry you, Were you there, Take up your cross

4. Good Friday Service 06 Apr 3pm
GII sings for the 3pm service, with practice at 1.30pm in the choir room

5. Easter Vigil Holy Saturday 07 Apr 8pm
We have NO 6PM mass
Combined choir for the easter vigil

6. Prayer Intentions
- For a lenten vigil where God uses our humble talents and touches/inspires all those present
- For our fellow liturgical ministries - esp the altar servers and the lectors (who have such an important role this Holy Week)
- For the priests of Singapore and the world
- For GII members and alumni:
Overseas working/studying: Chris, Alvins, Gen, Elizabeth, Jas, Jon, Shannon, Harry, Edmond
In the army: Daniel (PTP), Jonathan (OCS), Ignatius (Sispec), Joseph
Studying for exams: Joanna Cabodoc, Joy, Dom Setiawan

2nd Sunday of Lent - 03 Mar 2007

Remeber your mercies, Lord, your tenderness from ages past. Do not let our enemies triumph over us; O God, deliver Israel from all her distress.

G: Christ be our light
P: The Lord is my light
C: Only this I want
T: Stand by me
R: Take up your cross

Prayer Intentions

1. PPC Elections
GII, together with all the other ministries of the parish, will be going for the PPC discernment and elections on Thursday 01 Mar 07. We hope to see many Genesians present, so that we can elect a representative from our choir to the Parish Council.

2. A Level Results
Please keep your fellow Genesians in your prayers as they receive their 'A' Level Results on Friday 02 Mar 07 at 2.30pm - Brandon, Daniel, Ignatius, Jonathan and Joseph

Christopher de Silva's launches his first collection with GIA Music

Our founder, Christopher de Silva, now based in the USA, has launched his first Catholic musicalbum with GIA Music. This is great news for Chris as his music continues to gainpopularity. The album is called "One Love, One Song". Check it out here!

1st Sunday of Lent - 24 Feb 2007

When he calls to me, I will answer; I will rescue him and give him honour. Long life and contentment will be his.

Pre-mass: Holy Darkness - parts
G: One spirit one church
P: Softly and Tenderly Jesus is calling
C: Be with me - song sheets
T: Old rugged cross - parts (Alto & Bass harmony) - song sheets
R: Change our hearts

After mass we will have our prayer meet aka input session.

Ash Wednesday 21 Feb 2007

The overall theme in our service as choir for this Lent is echoed in the hymn Take up your cross. This Lent let us as a choir participate more fervently in the mass, in the Eucharist. Celebrating mass is more than just rituals and singing nice songs; we come together as witnesses of God's mercy and love, to joyfully proclaim our response to God - Amen! Christ will come again. Thanks be to God. It is from mass, the highest form of worship, that we are nourished and enabled to go out into our world to build His kingdom.

What are you doing this Lent? This week? This year? That defines you as a Catholic Christian and servant of God? In the context of GII, how have we fulfilled that or how are we lacking in it?

6.15pm mass Practice at 5pm choir room

G: Save your people
P: Softly and tendering Jesus is calling
C: On eagle's wings
T: Change our hearts
R: They'll know we are Christians
For the imposition of the ashes:
1. Ashes
2. Hosea

Gospel acclamation for Ash Wednesday: "Glory to the Lord, Amen" (x2)

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time - 17 Feb 2007

Lord, your mercy is my hope, my heart rejoices in your saving power.
I will sing to the Lord for his goodness to me.

Love of enemy - How can we love our enemies, turn the other cheek, or give people the shirt off our back? And why should we? How far will that get us? That is what Jesus said will get us far indeed.
We should treat enemies with the very kindness and mercy of God, the way David and Abishai treated their enemy Saul, the Lord's anointed.
We should refrain from judging them.
We should stop condemning them.
We should forgive them.
We should give to them a generous measure.
We should do good to them.
We should love them.

G: Rain Down #628
P: Ubi caritas - parts #334
C: We have been told - parts #517
T: Blest be the Lord - parts #447
R: City of God #369

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time - 10 Feb 2007

Lord be my rock of safety, the stronghold that saves me. For the honour of your name, lead me and guide me.

G: Canticle of the Sun
P: Seed, scattered and sown
C: To be your bread - parts
T: Be not afraid - parts
R: How great thou art

Brand New GII Photo Gallery added 21 Jan 2007
We had a very interesting new year's eve party on 31 Dec 2006. We came in our school uniform!!! Check out the 100+ pictures here -
Genesis II Primary School

Genesians going overseas
Jasmine Koh and Jonathan Chia, 2 of our cantors and former section leaders, will leave on Jan 27 2007 for Australia to further their studies. Send-off details to follow.

Genesians serving the nation
Let us keep Jonathan Lim, Joseph and Ignatius in our prayers as they begin their Basic Military Training in the second week of January 2007.

Brand New GII Photo Galleries
A big thank you to all those who have passed us their GII events photos. Go to photos! for a visual feast of 2004 to 2006 as seen through our eyes. The following galleries are brand new:
Valerian's Ordination Celebrations with us
Caroling @ Jon Chia's place 2005

Cantor Workshops 2007
These will be held at Holy Family on 14 and 21 Jan (Sun) 1.30 to 4.30pm, and are open to all present cantors and those of you who are interested in serving God through being cantor.

Calling for photos to put up in our website!
A new year has begun and its time to safekeep our memories of 2006 in the usual fashion! Please pass the webmaster photos of the following categories:
GII Anniversary and Halloween party
GII Camp 2006 at CAYC
Christmas Presentation
Midnight mass
Post-midnight mass party at Sam's place
Holy Family Feastday
"Genesis II Primary School" New Year's Eve party at the Leongs'

Others: weddings, practices, sopranos caught napping, tenors reading scores upside down...

2006 diary

Advent 2006
"To the poor a lasting treasure, to the frail a guiding hand; There is wealth beyond all measure pouring forth at God's command. To the outcast and rejected, a love that knows no end, to the ones who least expect it, a Saviour comes as friend."

It is a start of a new church year! The liturgical cycle of our church and of our lives continues this weekend with the first Sunday of Advent.

Advent is our time to become more involved, more caught up in the meaning and the possibilities of life as a Christian community. Thus we are preparing not only for Christmas but also for Christ's Second Coming.

This year's GII camp from the 3rd to the 5th of December (Sun to Tue) helps us start off the church year together. Our camp this year is focused on building bonds and establishing a more cohesive GII. We will come closer together through prayer, song and the various activities, with Christ at the centre of it all.

But one 3 day camp cannot answer the basic spiritual needs of such a large and varied group as GII. We must begin to come together to provide that community of faith - firstly at the Eucharist (celebrating mass together); through the devotionals (the rosary, novenas, prayers); the catechetical (catechism class, bible classes, RCIA) and the personal (sharings, affirmation, encouragement, reflections).

"You are all we have; you give us what we need.
Our lives are in your hands, O Lord; our lives are in your hands."

For the 4 sundays of this Advent, we will be providing an atmosphere of prayer and reflection, and of joyful anticipation, through songs chosen especially for this season.
Come to us, O Emmanuel will return as the gathering song, and will conclude with the lighting of the Advent candle.
Maranatha reflects our waiting and our longing for Christ. Come, Lord Jesus.
You are all we have and Do not let your hearts be troubled affirms our trust and abandonment in Christ.
We shall prepare is our joyous proclamation of the coming of Christ into our own lives.

A beautiful thing to note, is that while we as a choir will be caught up with singing for mass, midnight mass practices and midnight mass itself, many less fortunate people in Timor Leste will be receiving new aid and new hope during this period. A small bit of that aid and hope came from many of us who donated and prayed for them.

What else can you do, GII? Is it really that hard or cliched to feed the hungry or set the prisoner free in our own country, in our own homes?
Let us "feed" those who hunger for love, acceptance, friendship, trust, the Word of God...
Let us "free" those who are imprisoned by money, jealousy, anger, indifference, prejudice....

Let us begin the new church year on the right foot together. We will falter together but we will recover together.
Let us keep each other in our prayers; and let us pray for the return of many Genesians to serve God in what we do best - make a joyful noise!

"We will welcome all as pilgrims; none will leave our homes unblest. We will gather all God's children, giving life and love and rest."

GII Anniversary 2006
This year we celebrate our 23rd birthday on 05 Nov 06. Calling all members, past and present, to 6pm mass on 04 Nov (Sat) followed by a fancy dress party in church!

Recruitment 2006! A resounding success!
After a 2 week media blitz, we have received a host of new members, with more to come after their exams! Let us welcome into the choir:
Andre Lim
Anthony Chin
Brendan Aw
Cheri Choo
Desiree Pereira
Dominic Chan
Dominic Ng
Joann Sim
Joanne Tay
Paul Samuel
Stella Ong

Genesians going overseas
2006 & 2007 sees many young Genesians going overseas for further studies.
Please keep them in your prayers as they venture to new places and face new challenges in this exciting stage of their lives.
Shannon - Australia (Dec 06)
Jonathan - Australia (Jan 07)
Jasmine - Australia (Jan 07)

Also keep the rest of the overseas family in your prayers too
Anthony - Australia
Basil - Australia
Genevieve - Australia
Alvin Tan (Jr) - USA
Chris de Silva - USA
Edmond - USA
Elizabeth - USA
Fiona A Aronberg - USA
Harry Sugandi - USA
Fr Erbin (S.D.)- USA

Recruitment 2006!
Our recruitment this year continues with Lay Apostolate Sunday.
We are looking for youth and young adults who are interested to come and make a joyful noise with us, and grow in faith and fellowship with the choir .

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord
We will be celebrating this feast on the weekend of 05 & 06 August 2006.
Read more about the Transfiguration.

GII BBQ pictures!!!
BBQ at the Leongs' - our routine gathering of fun and fellowship...
and the night Germany beat Argentina!
Click here for pictures!

New member alert!
Let us give Matthew Lim a warm welcome to GII!!!
Matthew was recently baptised on Easter Vigil and will be getting married next year (2007)

July 2006 Weddings
We will be singing for 3 weddings this July, all at Holy Family
01 July 10am - Mark and Glenda
08 July 10am - Gerard and Michelle
15 July 9.30am - Kenneth and Clarice
Practice for all weddings start 1 hour before in church; seeya there!

Henry Liew's Wedding (24 June 2006)
Genesians getting married back to back! Anthony and Henry were unable to attend each other's weddings due to our Chinese customs... But that didn't stop Henry and Melissa from getting married in in a spectacular way! Pictures

Anthony Foo's Wedding (17 June 2006)
Come check out the pictures of this beautiful celebration for Anthony and Xing-wah... mass, dinner and additional pics! Pictures

New member in the midst...
Let us welcome Jonathan Lim into GII this June. He was recently confirmed in May

Genesians get confirmed!!!
We praise and thank God for the Sacrament of Confirmation given to the following Genesians on 14 May 2006...
Alexander Leong
Cherie Khoo
Darryl Jeremiah Leong
Deborah Tan
Jared Oh
Jeremy Ezekiel Chai

Interesting links
Chris de Silva's weblog
Parish of St Brendan, LA - where Chris serves full time as music director

Christopher Raj shares...
on his journey as a new Genesian

New members
We welcome Elizabeth, James, Daphne and Eunice into GII this new year =)

GII Sings for Holy Hour - Holy Thursday 13 Apr 06

GII Soccer Team - the revival
Training continues on most Sundays 4.30pm at the field near Kembangan MRT

Chris de Silva's Musical showcase
Monday 09 Jan 7.30pm at CANA centre, Waterloo Street

GII Combined Choir for Feastday

Genesis II December Retreat
11-13 Dec 2005

Jeremy's sharing (with pictures) - click here!

Clara's sharing (with pictures) - click here!

GII June Fun Day 2005
Relive the memories here!

2005 diary

Blessings from God - We welcome Jeremy Chai, Joan Davidson and Christopher Raj to GII!!!

Upcoming Events in November - hey people, keep the following days free as we are all strongly encouraged to attend them =P.
Father JJ Fenelon's talks on the Mass
- 10,17,24 Nov Thursday nights in Church
Forum on the Mass
- 14 Nov Mon at OLPS
Gathering of all choirs at the Feast of St Cecilia's
- 19 Nov Sat

Prayer Intentions - Exams - Let us keep in our prayers those preparing for their 2005 O and A level exams.

O Levels A Levels
Joanna Cabodoc
Darren Spruyt
Dominic Setiawan
Jeremy Chia
Jeremy Oh

Double Ordination! We give thanks for Frs Valerian and Damian! - nearly 3000 people - priests, nuns, brothers, relatives, friends, well-wishers from all over S'pore - packed Holy Family Church to celebrate the ordinations of our very own Valerian and Damian. Chris de Silva conducted his own beautifully composed hymns and all present must have been moved by such a momentous occasion. Watch out for pictures and a full report.

One year in GII - Marcus shares about his past year's experience in the choir... read on

June Fun Day experience! - Missed out on our great day in june? or want to relive the experience.... read this sharing by Stacy

Confirmation 2005 17 Apr (Sun) 6pm - We praise God and thank Him for His gift of the Holy Spirit upon the newly confirmed. Our prayers and joy go with the following newly confirmed Genesians:
Amanda Alexis Quah
Amanda Isabel Leong
Brenda Louisa Loh
Clara Jeanette Lim
Denise Alicia Yap
Dominic Marie Wong
Elizabeth Blaise Tan
Gerald Ian Yeo
Gregory Yeo
Joanna Marie Cabodoc
Jude Augustine Tan
Justin Christopher Tay
Kenneth Joel Sim
Marcus Oh
Nicole Sheila Noelle Mathiaz
Samantha Jeanne de Chantal Yang
Stacy Joan Tan
Zachary Alphonsus Sum

Alive! Easter Lyrics - Hey guys, we have reached the final lap in our journey toward Alive! Let's put in our best effort and do something great for God!. The practice schedule is up under Calendar. And yup, the lyrics have been prepared and are arranged according to sequence... find them in Lyrics 2005

Valerian gets ordained to be a deacon - On 01 March (Tue) at Holy Trinity Church, our very own founder, Valerian Cheong, was ordained, together with 3 others, to become deacons, the step before finally becoming priests. And Valerian spoke Mandarin from the lectern for the first time ever! Wowee!

Easter Concert practice 26 & 27 Feb (Sat & Sun) - Songs to be covered include Above All, We Are Called, Lord You Have Come and He Will Carry You.

Friday Stations of the Cross and Mass - We will be singing on this Friday 25 Feb at 6.30pm and 7pm respectively. Don't forget your Prayer Group tasks.

Easter Concert practice 15 Jan (Sat) - We will have practice in the choir room at 4pm sharp. Songs to be learned are Steal Away and I Love You Lord. After mass, we shall proceed to support Jude and Zachary as they endeavour to become Risen Christ Idols!

Mass for Tsunami Victims 14 Jan (Fri) 8pm - Will be held at every parish in Singapore. Please come and sing with the choir.

Jan 2005 - We welcome Alison, Amanda, Amelie, Ignatius and Daniel into GII!


what's new

Last update: 14 October 2009

[Past sharings]
[Birthday interviews]
Interview with Priscilla

2009 Events
31 Jan Wedding
07 Feb Wedding
08 Feb GII Sports Sunday
25 Feb Ash Wed
Feb-Apr Lent
28 Feb GII AGM
13 Mar March Babies Party
15 Mar Parish Assembly
05 Apr Palm Sunday, Holy Week begins
09-11 Apr Easter Triduum
09 Apr Maundy Thursday
09 Apr Chrism Mass 10.30am @ SVDP
09 Apr GII Lenten Vigil
10 Apr Good Friday
11 Apr Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil
12 Apr Easter Sunday!
13-17 Apr Easter Octave
19 Apr Divine Mercy Sun
13 Jun Corpus Christi
14 Jun GII Olympics
14 Jun Fr Val's send-off
16 Jun Wedding
27 Jun Wedding
04 July 2 Weddings
01 Aug Wedding
Dec GII Camp

Important dates of 2008
29 Feb+ GII T-shirt design deadline
20 Mar Mass of the Lord's Supper
20 Mar GII Lenten Vigil
21 Mar Good Friday 3pm Service
22 Mar Easter Vigil 8pm
04 Apr Holy Fam Youth Nite
12 Apr Zoomin Zubin
27 Apr Parish Assembly
30 Apr Ascension
02 May GII Games Nite
03 May Easter Youth Mass
10 May Pentecost
15 Jun Franciscan 50kim Run
June GII Anniversary Concerts
June Youth Mass
15-21 Jul World Youth Day Sydney
05 Nov GII 25th Anniversary
22 Nov Feast of St Cecilia

Completed events (2007)
18 Aug Glenn & Collette's Wedding
25 Aug Chris' Concert @ SMOTA
26 Aug Chris' Concert @ Holy Fam
27 Aug Chris' Concert @ St Teresa
07 Sep Night Cycle
29 Sep Children's Day Mass
29 Sep Children's Day Mass
06 Oct Noel & Wendy's Wedding
06 Oct Youth Mass
20 Oct Angel's Wedding
27 Oct June's Wedding
05 Nov GII's 24th Anniv
17 Nov Adeline's Wedding
17 Nov Howard's Wedding
06-09 Dec Youth Camp: Camp Incredibles!
14 Dec Family Mass
15 Dec Alan's Wedding
15 Dec Youth Mass
15 Dec WYD Briefing
16 Dec Caroling
19 Dec Penitential
24 Dec Midnight Mass
30 Dec Caroling

GII Forum!!!
Prayer intentions, qtns etc



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Jan/Feb 2004 - We have a special 2-in-1 birthday feature of Jasmine (29 Jan) and Jonathan (02 Feb).
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