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Church of Our Lady of Lourdes (1888)

Founded : 1888       Feast Day : 11 February       Population : 1200
Address : 50 Ophir Road, Singapore 188690
Tel : 62940624
Fax : 62942686
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Parish Administrator
Rev Fr S Maria Anthony Raj

Mass Times / Services
Sat. Sunset Mass : 6:00pm     English
Sat. Sunset Mass : 7:30pm     English
Sunday Mass : 7:30am     English
Sunday Mass (Tamil) : 9:30am     Tamil
Sunday Mass : 11:30am     English
Sunday Mass (Sinhala) : 12:30pm     Sinhala
 (at Sri Lankan Hall)

Sunday Mass : 1:00pm     English
Sunday Mass (Tamil) : 6:30pm     Tamil
Weekday Mass : 12:30pm     English
Weekday Mass : 6:30pm     English
Public Holidays : 9:00am     English
Public Holidays (Tamil) : 10:00am     Tamil

Additional Information / Services
Sangeetha (Secretary)

Diana Gomez (Sacristan)

Ivor David (Operations Coordinator)

3rd Sunday - 4pm (Tamil)
4th Sunday - 4pm (English)

Our Lady of Lourdes Novena: 5:30pm, Saturdays

Sacred Heart: 6:00pm, 1st Friday

Divine Mercy: 5:45pm English, Tuesday

Divine Mercy: 7:00pm Tamil, 1st Friday

Divine Mercy: 5:45pm Tamil, Friday

Infant Jesus: 5:00pm Tamil, Tuesday

Infant Jesús: 5:45pm English, Thursday

Charismatic: 7:30pm English, Friday

Novena to OLPS : 8.00pm Tamil, 1st Saurday

Vocation Prayer & Adoration: 1st Wednesday 7:00pm English

Rosary & O.L.L Devotion: 1st Sunday 8:30am Tamil

Bible Sharing: 4:30pm Tamil, 2nd Friday

Padre Pio: 5:00pm, 23rd of every month

Telephone : 6294 0624
2 Parlours :
Notredame & Apparition
Opening Hours
7.30am –11.00pm
Contact Person
Ivor David
Tel: 9665 8110

Bus Guide to Church
Bus Nos to the Church: 48, 57, 130, 851, 960. MRT: Bugis, Little India

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